Hi I am The Bier Hooligan, I’m not a writer and I’m not a critic. I just enjoy beer drinking and sharing my thoughts on everything about beer and i’m a long serving CAMRA member.
Over the years I have tried and drunk thousands of beers, mostly good ones, a few exceptional ones, and of course ones that make you spit it out at the first sip.
So why the name “The Bier Hooligan”? Well I had loads of ideas for names, but this is the one I kept coming back too.
I decided to use the continental term for beer, as in “Bier” and the “Hooligan” part is basically my little dig at the drink culture of the UK, where it is a known fact that, especially across Europe, that the English drink as much weak crappy beer as they can fit down their throats and commit “Anti Social Behaviour” and other misdemeanours.
I want to hopefully dispel that rumour and educate people that drinking beer is not just about buying the cheapest pack of beer from a supermarket, or the this weeks cheap deal, then going back home and drinking the lot until bladdered.
Beer is to be appreciated, their are thousands of great beers out there now. Micro Breweries springing up all over the UK and the World. Beer importers like Beer Hawk making it easy for you to have great beer from all over the globe delivered to your door in a couple of clicks. Specialised beer shops and of course the Supermarkets.
There has never been such a great time to be able to buy and enjoy great beer, and hopefully I can take you on a journey of discovery?

Quick Q&A

Favourite Brewery?
It’s a cop out but it’s impossible to have a favourite when I have drunk such a wide variety.

Favourite Breweries Then?
UK: Camden, BrewDog, Rebellion, Dark Star, Mighty Oak…
International: Weihenstephaner, Bosteels, Jopen, Fruh, Brauhaus zur Malzmühle…

Favourite Ever Beer?
Probably Dark Star American Pale Ale. The yeast used for the brewing of this American style pale ale is specially imported from the USA, along with Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops. The low colour Maris Otter malt provides a perfect light colour and dryness to complement the crisp taste and full aroma of the hops. This beer is seriously full of hops.

Best Pub/Bar
Unfortunately in Holland.
Pub: Café Jos Meesterschenkerij in Nijmegen. A Dutch boozer/cafe that just gets everything right. Catering for both the traditionalists and more modern types perfectly.
Huge selection of 30+ Draught and 200+ Bottled Biers. What these guys don’t know about beer hasn’t been brewed yet. Oh and if your into Whisky, then they have well over 200 of those as well.

Keg/Cask or Bottle?
Both. I appreciate well kept cask beer, but at the same time I appreciate beer from a bottle.

Best Food & Beer Pairing?
Blue cheese, a strong one like a Stilton, with a good Belgium Trappist Bier. Trust me, it’ll blow your mind.